WEC#1 (La Flandrie - France) du 24 au 26 mai 2019


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"WEC" is the new appointment for burners from all over Europe !
During a weekend let's meet, train, share and especially have fun.

Week End Crache* (yes we can) !! => An event where you can really *breath fire !


The event is open to everyone, whatever your level or your favorite props.
This is the opportunity to discover, learn and improve these spectacular street arts and meet fellow enthusiasts !
The venue which welcomes us has just opened and is particularly friendly to our community. It will welcome us several times during the year for many inflamed evenings and more.
We can't wait to see you there.


Program : 

* Fire safety workshop with Joe

Firebreathing :
* Beginner workshops with Andrey Das
* Workshops for all levels (tricks / trips) with Baba & Das
* Workshop passing with Baba Deckens & Andrey Das


Fire eating :
* Workshop Fire Eating with Flor

fire eating

Fire jam :
* Open K *** (parafin)
* Arena
* Firephotography with Eric Dany

* Firevideo with Jay


On location :
* Bar (special rate on site)
* BBQ (open access)
* Sound system




Prices : (Click on the link)

PASS 1 : 40 € - 3 days and 2 nights camping, breakfast, parking, open K ***, excluding workshops and meals.

PASS 2 : 60 € - 3 days and 2 nights camping, meals included, parking, open K ***, workshops.

Visitor : 20 € / day

Lamp Oil on site : 30 € - 5 liters (booking and payment in advance).

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