• WEC#1 (La Flandrie - France) du 24 au 26 mai 2019

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Fire Photography


  • Cai Guo-Qiang

    Cai Guo-Qiang

    Cai Guo-Qiang is a Chinese artist from Fujian's Province. After studying the properties of gunpowder in his drawings in Japan, he conducts several experiments with explosives on a large scale. Plastic artist, he installs, paints,

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  • Geoffrey H. Short

    Geoffrey H. Short

    "Towards another (big bang) theory" is an ongoing series exploring the relationship between terror and the sublime.        

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  • Bullet time

    Bullet time

    Mike Icon and Terry Fields are Philadelphia based firebreather's, they participated in this splendid moment of video filming, 48 cameras + 1 RED Epic (120 frames / sec) + 1 GH4 (96 frames / sec) connected together. The "bullet

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  • Stanislav Aristov - Matches

    Stanislav Aristov - Matches

    Stanislav Aristov is a photographer artist living  in Yekaterinburg in Russia,

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  • SPAZUK smoke painter

    SPAZUK smoke painter

    For the past 14 years, Spazuk has perfected a technique called fumage, that allows him to use the flame of a candle or the flame of a torch as a pencil to create his paintings

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  • Jade Kindar-Martin's Fire Wire

    Jade Kindar-Martin's Fire Wire

    Jade Kindar-Martin started walking on the wire at the age of 14 with world renown children's circus, Circus Smirkus. In 1992 he attended the Ecole National de Cirque, in Montreal. A year later Jade met

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  • Ray Wold - 21th International Circus Festival of Monte Carlo

    Ray Wold - 21th International Circus Festival of Monte Carlo

    Ray Wold is an American clown artist who is one of the most advanced fire manipulators, look here with what mastery he plays risks.  

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  • Fire manipulation in a adult movie

    Fire manipulation in a adult movie

  • Maitres du feu 2016

    Maitres du feu 2016

  • Slacklining, Fire & Ice - 4k

    Slacklining, Fire & Ice - 4k

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