• 11th birthday at Palais de Tokyo

    Anniversary party organized by our association, at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, January 2015.This event brought together amateur and Read More
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Fire Photography



A Bal de jongle [11-13/09/15] (Villy-le-Peilloux, France)

Opening Friday at 15hClosing Sunday at 17h - Shows- Open Stage- Concerts- Games of juggling- Free Read More

Tricking Party 3 [03/10/15] (Villejuif, France)

PLUS D'INFO à VENIRRestez connecté.TRICKING PARTY 2015 - 3ème édition- NOUVEAU - BATTLE Danse 3VS3 / All style Read More
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  • SPAZUK smoke painter

    For the past 14 years, Spazuk has perfected a technique called fumage, that allows him to use the flame of a candle or the flame of a torch as a pencil to create his paintings

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  • Paris, December 31 2014

  • 500px : Best of 2014

  • Joe the fire fighter

  • 9th fire party @ Palais de Tokyo

    January 19, 2013 at  Palais de Tokyo  will be the 9th edition of the evening fire organized by BC Concept !You know the concept : fire and music in Paris even if it's rainy !

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  • Tricking Party 2014

    L'envolée a organisée la 2 ème édition de la Tricking Party à Epita! Ce collectif qui rassemble plusieurs arts de rue est un des partenaires de notre association.

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  • Action Factory - super gel

    Action Factory provides Fire Setup Packages. Whether your project is big or small, one burn or multiples, we can make putting a fire sequence together easy. One call and we will breakdown and budget your

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  • Itinérance

    Itinérance from Cie Ça Sent le Roussi on Vimeo. In the distance a gramophone sounds, and that is enlightenment. The awakening of dreams vendors to curious paces. Strengthened by their nature, they land and own

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  • U.S.S.R. - Tech Fans 5

  • Advanced Fire Eating with Shade Flamewater

    Fire Eating Tech with Shade Flamewater Watch Shade's latest fire eating trick video, featuring sick new moves and combos! Trick List: Lovell Light Sideways Jellyfish Transfer Marilyn Monroe Shoot the River Jellyshot Volcano Beard-Singer Parachute

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