Circus in an abandoned factory // CIRCULUS

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Film directed, shot and produced by Remy Archer 
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'Circulus ' est un mot latin défini en anglais comme «un rassemblement social ou de la société cercle zone d'intérêt entourant chaque année « Nous sommes Circulus et notre intérêt est un divertissement . Nous voulons créer et livrer un nouveau regard sur les arts du cirque ; dessin sur la pointe de la technologie moderne , cherchant à donner à nos spectateurs une viscérale , l'expérience de performance unique , en direct . Nous sommes intéressés à jouer dans des espaces trouvés et oubliés à Londres, où nous sommes basés et dans le monde . Transformer un espace , laissant exactement comme nous l'avons trouvé . Aller et venir , d'un intérêt de entity.Our finie t résidait pas dans un gain personnel , nous serons toujours socialement bénéfique . Fournir la magie du spectacle en tournée dans les zones -Avoir -été négligées qui , qui peuvent être des domaines privé des arts .

Many of the artists featured in this film are students at or graduates from the National Centre for Circus Arts In London ( Go check out the website to find out more about amazing British circus talent.

Music: 4 Ton Mantis by Amon Tobin

In this video we bring together some of the UK's very best acrobatic and circus performing talent for a fun and explosive shoot in an unused Victorian Sail factory in the heart of London's east end. With tricking, hand-to-hand, free running, dancing, juggling, tumbling, aerial hoop, cyr wheel, banquine, breakdancing, hand balancing, trampoline and more we transformed this desolate yet decadent space into a thriving hub of movement and creativity.

We come from a mix of backgrounds including gymnastics, parkour and free running, break dancing, juggling and circus, this helps create a unique blend of traditional and modern, hand picking the most exciting parts of everything we like.
If you are interested in getting involved with our work or want to know anything more about the company and what we do, don't hesitate to get in touch with us on:
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About the shoot:

We knew that we wanted to bring as many of our friends from the circus entertainment world together as possible, for a fun and ambitious shoot that would combine many of the different art forms that we enjoy. We knew of a space in east london that would be perfect so we started to plan who and what we would use. At the time of the films conception the company had not yet been entirely formed and it was a great test of our ability to make things happen without funding, through the hard work and determination of ourselves and some great friends. We had an incredible amount of help from Steve Hough from and we can't thank him enough! He provided us with 2 tons of staging, 2 of the 3 vans, electrical equipment and more. The 15 meter air track that can be seen being put to full use was lent to us by Peter Trankle of Bracknell gymnastics club, many thanks to him for his support. The amount of interest and enthusiasm the project was met with from the circus artists that we collaborated with has been humbling. Having a group of nearly 50 of the worlds finest performers in a cold factory in February and having so much fun made it one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life. Even if it did involve shovelling pigeon shit and bailing out ditchwater from a victorian drainage system - Remy

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