Master Ong's Flow Retreat 2014 - Fall Edition [02/09/14] (Goa - Thailand)

Tickets will be out on July 7th 2014 Early Bird $100. Tier 1 $115. Last Minute $130.
Workshop Schedule:
Meal Plans:!mops-mealplan/c1g5s

Ticket will include all workshops, camping, fire space and the show.

If you are below 18 and wish to participate please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Master Ong's Flow Retreat. (MOPS Oct) Thursday Gates Open at 1pm - Potluck - Screening Friday -

Workshops/ Open Stage 730pm Saturday -
Workshops/ Gala Sunday -
Renegade/ Games Instructors & the Cast TBA
Anni Kupper Ryan Mellors Eli March Lucas Aguirre Richard Hartnell Jt Kashuba Jameson Peligro Curt Carlyle Rewi HoopHooligan Zeph HoopHooligan Chris Murdoch Jordan Daniels Vincent Tofu Erin Stephens Kevin Axtell Melanie Troutman Remy Holwick Nicky Evers Russel Megowan Jillian Morris Ryan Williams Michael Tupa Lester Mooney Kamala Mathis Siri Khalsa Andres Trevino Jenna Nordgren Eric Vadala Wyatt Davis McKenzey Simper Chris Kelly Adam Kemis Melody Zhang Pierre Baudin Cryptic Sam Labonte Jake Rysha James Bailey Kerry Shakerman Sennyo Senn Willow Solow Carl Haney Subject to change.

Flow Case.

This is a non alcohol non drug event.

Workshop Schedule: Tba
Volunteer Sheet: Tba

Please bring WHITE GAS if you intend on spinning fire Warm clothes, it will get pretty cold at night
Headlight/ Headlamp Tent & Sleeping Bag Food for 4 days Water Props & tools like Poi, Clubs, Staves Money Bug Spray Trash bag
There will be potta potty available PETS For the safety of our four-legged friends, there are no animals allowed

This is a leave no trace event.
Pack it in, pack it out. *****

Music: Tba
Workshop Application: - Deadline August 8th 2014

Vending Application:

Interested to be in the Gala, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more info 

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