La Jongle Précise [16/05/15] (Précy sur Oise - France)

Jongle Précise 2015

------------- SHOWS

1:00 p.m. - Park opens to public.

2:00 p.m. - End of the year show by the young people of the association.

14:30 - ventriloquist show Bibi Schott

4h00 p.m. – Show « Pour le plaisirs de jouer » by the Cie Circosophie.

5h00 p.m. – Show « Le rêve dans le tiroir » by Monica Costamagna

Sebastian Gonzalez from sebastian on Vimeo.

6 p.m. –The cabaret Festival.

11 p.m. – Fire Show “SWING CIRCUS” by Cie Cour Circus (officiel)

--- ♪ CONCERTS ♪ ---

7h30 p.m – LES DOiGTS QUi COLLENT – Swing de comptoir

9 p.m. – The Swinging Dice- Rock'n'roll

11h30 p.m. – HIGHJACKER – Electro


Animations and stands will accompany you throughout the afternoon such as a circus workshop, Mossieu Ted a comedian biking, handicraftsman and makeup stands , etc ...



This new place will welcome you with a refreshment, but also!
A movie mix with DJ Lolo
Music with the fuckers disorders and singing with Cie The AXOLOTL

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