Winter workshop's [8/04/17] (Paris - France)

The BCC's workshop Days start again this spring in Paris !
Saturday, April 8th, come enjoy a day of flow in Daumesnil Parc and have fun with our free workshops !
Volunteers will be there to share with you their knowledge of Poï, Hula hoop, Fire Safety, Contact Ball, Fans, Buggeng and more !
Come alone or bring your friends and family ! All together you can learn and share the basics of flow art and juggling, or simply enjoy a nice day at the park watching happy spinners dancing with music rythms.
Don't hesitate ! Come share a nice flow day in the parc with us :)
The events starts at 11am, workshops starts at 2pm and we will end the day with a fire session at Palais de Tokyo !

The workshop's list ;)

Lila Chupa-Hoops : Fans
Gali : Hoop Beginner
Tristan KaMu : Poïs
Burno Cent Dix-huit Burn : Buugeng
Gabriel Marino : Contact ball
Julien : Qi qong
Joe Guillian : Fire safety 

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Images of our last workshops, photos Lionel Calzi. 

© Photo Lionel Calzi

© Photo Lionel Calzi

© Photo Lionel Calzi

© Photo Lionel Calzi

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