Safety rules



Since its creation, the BC Concept association communicates, makes sensitive and draws the attention of all on clear and precise precautions needed for practicing. The strict and rigorous respect of these rules allows to avoid the accidents connected to the lack of experience.


We deeply recommend to use, for the manipulation of objects or ardent apparatus, only the products and materials mentioned below: 

  • The only adapted and stable material for any type of wick is Kevlar ® belonging to the group of the aramide fibers (simple and\or strengthened).
  • weakly deformable metals and weakly heat conductors are: aluminium and titanium.
  • the grips which can be used on certain apparatus are: silicone, leather or rubber ; we recommend not to use synthetic and possibly flammable materials.
  • Fuels used in France and only products tolerated are unflavored petroleum (lamp petroleum or petroleum for space heater of yellow color) for wicks, and fire water for the firebreathers and only these. We remind that products and fuels used for the manipulation of fire remain toxic and dangerous. We invite you to read scrupulously the warnings and the notes of specific use of each product.

We strongly disadvise any manipulation of products such as: spirit, White spirit, lighter gasoline, car gasoline, diesel, weedkilling products, alcoholic drinks, etc.

  • First care material : before any manipulation of fire it is strongly advised to have a case of first care, a mobile phone to eventually call help (think of having the number of the closest anti-poisin center), a fire CO² extinguisher, a cover, etc.
  • Clothing: clothes in synthetic material such as acrylic, polyester, polyamide are to be banished, these materials are weakly heatproof and can melt, causing important and often irreversible burns.

We advise to cover your hair if they are long or adorned with jewels, to protect your hands, neck and not to wear superfluous accessories, like backpacks, to avoid any superficial burn which can be caused by a flame in contact with the body.

It is important that every person wishing to learn about fire manipulation is aware of the risks of exposure and the dangers which can be engendered by this practice. The fire is a dangerous and unpredictable element if it is not totally mastered. This is why we invite every burner to be accompanied by someone during his first tries.

It is extremely important to take into account the environment before any ignition. The burner always has to have near an instrument to fight against the spreading of fire: fire extinguisher, cover, sand, etc.

Respect the nature; in case of fire your penal responsibility will be questioned as well as your parents’ for the minors, the image of our community belongs to every burner and can not be tarnished by the unconsciousness of some.
Before any ignition the burner has to take the exact measure of the risks inherent to his environment : nearness of fuel, wood, inflammable material, spectators, etc.

We remind that any practice within the framework of a show or of an official demonstration has to be the object of a statement with the city hall and with the prefecture as well as a preliminary warning of fire brigades. These demonstrations must be governed by an insurance contract including the clauses of fire manipulation and\or pyrotechnics.

Any marginal practice not being supervised or authorized by the concerned authorities can be the object of pursuits and the inspirator will be completely responsible for damages (see texts of law).


This text is the fruit of our work and our experiences, it has no legal value and can only be perceived as informative, the diplomas of explosives experts and first aids are indispensable for any professional practice. The doctor is only authorized to judge the health of a person after an accident, only also to be able to prescribe medicines : automedication is dangerous.

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