8 years at Palais de Tokyo


Since 24 January 2004, the Palais de Tokyo is THE place where Burn Crew Concept organizes the burneur's gathering. On 21 January 2012 it was the eighth anniversary of "fire evenings at the Palais."

Thank you to you all for this MAGIC evening: D 

The weather allowed us to share one of the best fire nights of the last 8 years, the BCC Association wishes to thank particularly Pierre, Vincent and Sophie from showflamme.be who installed the ark)
Thank you to the artists for their performances:

> Fxr Funxriders (human torch)
> Julia et Marine (duo poïs)
> Mwarg (contact staff solo)
> Akabane (solo poïs)
> Compagnie Opale de Lune (fire hands and staff)
> Super Cho (underpants and staff)

Thank you to the band "LA BAND'A JOE" of l'Ecole Centrale Paris who has held a festival rhythm!

Thank you to the volunteers for their support for the installation and cleaning:

Antoine Arnaud, Bamboo, Bruno, Baptist, Cardner, Topaz, Paolo, Will and Yann :)

Man of the evening: Lessyv '

Captation & montage : Léo
Organisation & communication : DAS
Organisation & motion : Flax

Music: Dirtyphonics - Tarantino (Dim Mak Records)


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