19 years the video

Happy Burn Day Burn Crew Concept 2023 by Jay.

Paris, January 28, 2023, the Burn Crew Concept Association celebrated its 19th anniversary.
For this occasion, several burners and French and international companies participated in this great event.
Fire artists, jugglers, fire eaters were there on the square in front of the Palais de Tokyo, the place to be!
YouTube link for better quality: https://youtu.be/Xb1bvLX0QaQ
Video: Lebonreflex production Jay Regnier / Jay Lebonreflex
Organization: Burn Crew Concept
Music: Cinematic - Fire Spirit
I wasn't able to see everyone but don't hesitate to tell me in the comments the names of the people to add.
With : Andrey Das - Beatrice Roche - Olivier André - Anakin Lebon- Burno Cent Dix-huit Burn - Agathe Le Cloarec - Olivia Venner - Julien Dpz - Baba Deckens - Ignition - Fire Performances - Jonathan Vero - Yaël Bauer - Syd Cracheur de Feu - Diana Aklm - Mickey Display - Fabien Le Jeune - Flor Ex Peels - Joe Guillian


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