Itinérance from Cie Ça Sent le Roussi on Vimeo.

In the distance a gramophone sounds, and that is enlightenment. The awakening of dreams vendors to curious paces. Strengthened by their nature, they land and own the streets to transform the model as they wish. Their preparations leave your imagination to escape ... their flames will offer to go even further. Our hawkers are dusting off their controllers and rekindle the fire that burns in you.

Street spectacle Circus † † † Pyrotechnics About 30 minutes † † All Public 4 Artists

To contact us nothing easier,
Virginia Den Blauwen +32 487 719 929
Remi De Vos +32 478 34 84 76
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Louisa Marcandella Maxime Loye, Remi De Vos & Den Blauwen Virginia.
Music: "Kaneda" Shoji Yamashiro.

Tags: Artist, Video, cie ca sent le roussi


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