Stanislav Aristov - Matches

Stanislav Aristov is a photographer artist living  in Yekaterinburg in Russia,

born in 1982 he made a splendid series of images with matches between 2010 and 2013. It's after taking part in a themed "line of life" photo contest from Formula foto that the idea of ​​using lighted matches came to him. The "stroke of genius" or as Stanislav said himself : "it's not the first idea with one things that shows another things :)" reminds us all the poetry that has fire in the collective unconscious. Thanks to Stanislav for giving us some of his time answering our questions and for sharing with us his work.

Stanislav Aristov
The line (Presented in a themed "line of life" photo contest).

Eiffel by Stanislav Aristov ©
Eiffel Tower

Tule by Stanislav Aristov ©

Leaf © Stanislav Aristov

Caterpillar © Stanislav Aristov

Embryo © Stanislav Aristov

See all the images here :

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