19 years Palais de Tokyo ! [28/01/2023] (Paris - France)

The evening of the 19th anniversary of our annual gathering exceeded our expectations, enveloping the participants in a magical atmosphere despite the winter cold. The collective determination to stay outside for several hours testifies to this, underscoring the desire to take full advantage of every moment. The artistic performances were dazzling, including a dancer in a red dress and bare feet with a dragon staff on a freezing night, and the courageous Julien presenting his pyramid of Fire despite his motor skills still recovering. Two Belgian artists captivated with a multi-jet flamethrower and a bewitching dance with flaming deer antlers.

19 en Feu
© Yann Delcambre

19 eme Anniversaire de BCC au Palais de Tokyo © Yann Delcambre

Exceptional visual moments punctuated the evening, such as a red-crested spitter posing next to the pond statues, creating striking images. A performance with a stick with burning ends evoked a birthday candle, prompting collective singing at its completion. An artist from Ile-de-France performed a fiery dance with a coal stick, evoking a mystical silhouette in a sea of sparks.

danseurs de Feu à Paris© JM Gobert

With around 300 people in attendance, this more intimate edition highlighted the kindness and generosity at the heart of our community. Despite the pandemic, no distancing measures were necessary thanks to the nature of Fire which created a natural perimeter. The event, anchored in time, withstood current uncertainties, providing a refuge where everyone could share joy without hindrance.

The evening recalled our evolution in almost 20 years, attracting participants from all walks of life around the common passion for Fire. Photographers and cameramen, who have become essential, helped to immortalize these magical moments, where fire photography, among the most demanding, took a central place.

Burno pyrostaff© Yann Delcambre
Lila Chupa Hoops© Yann Delcambre
Cracheur de Feu© Guillemeau Maxime
Pyramide de Feu© Yann Delcambre

Spectacle de Feu au charbon© Thierry Parenti
Lance flammes de scene© Yann Delcambre

Craccheur de Feu Paris© Thierry Parenti
cracheurs de Feu Paris© Yann Delcambre

Danseuse de Feu© Faridh Mendoza
Danseuse de Feu© Thierry Parenti
Danseur de Feu© Christelle Corizzi

As the 20th anniversary approaches, well-known artists will return, testifying to the international notoriety that our gathering has offered to those who, years ago, were like us all, simple amateurs. This continued success is based on the dedicated commitment of the volunteers and founding members of the association, without whom this adventure would never have been possible since its beginnings in 2004. The passion for Fire and the celebration of life persists, transcending all difficulties with unalterable energy.

Palais de Tokyo by night© Yann Delcambre

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