18 years : Palais de Tokyo ! [22/01/2022] (Paris - France)

spectacle de Feu à Paris

The evening of the 18th anniversary of our annual gathering of fire eaters and dancers was a true enchantment in the heart of Paris, on the banks of the Palais de Tokyo basin, framed by the majestic Eiffel Tower. This emblematic place served as the backdrop for an atypical celebration which brought together an incredible range of participants, from amazed tourists to locals imbued with charming conviviality, from elegant evening wear to the more casual looks of the regulars.

© Le bon reflex
French Fire community gathering ©Yann Delcambre

The pool, with its natural perimeter, provided a secure space for spectacular Fire performances. Each movement of the dancers seemed to fit gracefully with the imposing presence of the Eiffel Tower, adding a romantic dimension to each life scene. The evening was marked by an exceptional moment where 14 Firebreathers, brought together by the joy of reunion, launched a daring challenge: a sequence where the flame circulated from one to the other, sharing a collective euphoria with the crowd.

cracheurs de Feu à Paris©Yann Delcambre

The performers in costumes added a touch of humor and surprise. The duo “118-218”, dressed as tonic gym coaches from the 70s, sparked contagious laughter. As for Gustave, known for his technical mastery, he surprised everyone by wearing a dancer's dress, creating a moment worthy of the greatest cabarets, although we were outdoors.

118 218 duo de clowns© Yann Delcambre
© Yann Delcambre
© Yann Delcambre
© Yann Delcambre
cracheurs de Feu Paris© Yann Delcambre
© Yann Delcambre
© Yann Delcambre

Andrey Das had the privilege of designing a Fire structure in the shape of an “18”, a metal creation dressed in Kevlar, proudly symbolizing our 18th year of celebration. Adrien's captivating video captured the thrilling energy of the evening, highlighting the joy, freedom and precision of the performances. The musical selection, dominated by Dub notes, enveloped the evening in a captivating atmosphere.

18 ans en Feu© Bart

Despite a smaller attendance of around 200 people this year, the warm intimacy and family feeling was palpable. The evening was a tribute to the financial solidarity of donors and the passionate commitment of volunteers who kept this tradition alive, even while going through the challenges of the pandemic. The community persists in its commitment to sharing the passion of Fire, the future promises to be as flamboyant as the flames which dance at the feet of the iron lady, our eternal companion in celebration.

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